Rheumatology referrals

Diagnosing and treating joint, bone and connective tissue diseases

All NHS GP referrals must be submitted using the NHS e-Referral service (formerly Choose and Book).

Referrals sent to the nhs.net mailbox or by post from GPs will not be processed.

Tertiary referrals can be emailed to:  gst-tr.rheumandlupus@nhs.net

We accept referrals from all over the UK, from GPs as well as tertiary for a range of conditions, including:

  • rheumatoid, inflammatory, psoriatic and temporal arteritis
  • back, neck and shoulder pain
  • spondylitis
  • fibromyalgia
  • polymyalgia
  • gout
  • vasculitis
  • sarcoidosis
  • sjogren’s syndrome.

You can refer a patient to one of our general clinics, from which they will be directed to the most appropriate clinic for treatment, or directly to any of our following specialist clinics:

Please note for metabolic bone patients, GPs requiring DEXA scans only should contact the osteoporosis unit directly by emailing gst-tr.nuclearmedicineaandcreferrals@nhs.net.