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King's Health Partners cardiovascular and respiratory partnership – online event, Thursday 13 May 2021

This presentation was given on Thursday 13 May 2021 during an online event about the King's Health Partners (KHP) cardiovascular and respiratory partnership.

The event was for adults, children and young patients who have heart or lung conditions, and their parents or carers.

The aim was to:

  • provide an introduction to the partnership's work
  • share an update on how we have been involving our patients and their families so far and information about further opportunities to be involved
  • answer questions about the partnership and how to get involved

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Welcome, introduction and vision

  • Schedule and speakers

    Section Speakers

    Section 1: Welcome, introduction and update

    30 mins

    Sue Saville - Lay Chair, Royal Brompton and Harefield and King's Health Partners Partnership

    Dr Ian Abbs - Chief Executive and Chief Medical Officer, Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

    Dr Sara Hanna, Medical Director, Evelina London Children's Hospital

    Dr Claire Hogg, Joint Divisional Director, Children's Services, Royal Brompton and Harefield Clinical Group

    Dr Richard Grocott-Mason, Managing Director and consultant cardiologist, Royal Brompton and Harefield Clinical Group

    Prof Richard Beale, Associate Medical Director, Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust and King's Health Partners respiratory medicine and critical care clinical academic group leader

    Joined by clinical leaders of heart and lung services across King's Health Partners

    Section 2: Engagement events and creative workshops for children and young people

    10 mins

    Clive Caseley – Director, Verve Communications

    Rhian Davies – Executive Director, Playing ON Theatre Company

    Section 3: Q&A

    45 mins

    Chair: Sue Saville – Lay Chair

    Facilitator: Clive Caseley – Verve Communications


    5 mins

    Chair's closing comments
  • Who is involved

    • Guy's Hospital, London Bridge
    • Harefield Hospital, Harefield
    • King's College Hospital, Denmark Hill and Variety Children's Hospital
    • King's College London
    • Princess Royal University Hospital (PRUH), Bromley
    • Royal Brompton Hospital, Chelsea
    • St Thomas' Hospital and Evelina London, Westminster Bridge

    A graphic showing the geographic locations in south and west London of Guy's Hospital, Harefield Hospital, King's College London, King's College Hospital, Princess Royal University Hospital, Royal Brompton Hospital, St Thomas' Hospital and Evelina London

    On Monday 1 February 2021 Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust merged with Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust. Royal Brompton and Harefield is one of the Clinical Groups within Guy's and St Thomas'.

    Guy's and St Thomas', King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and King's College London (university) are all part of King's Health Partners (KHP) Academic Health Science Centre (AHSC).

  • Our vision

    To transform the care of patients with heart and lung health conditions by creating a new academic health system that touches the lives of up to 15 million people in London and the south of England.

    The best outcome for patients, wherever you receive care.

    How it will be achieved

    • Listening to patients. This is a journey, and you can help map what matters to you most
    • "One service, one team, multiple sites" (consistency, communication, and teamwork)
    • Working as a large team, we can increase specialism and skills
    • Cutting edge and innovative technology, and new digital solutions
    • Research for new medicines/treatments through to practice ("from bench to bedside")
    • Attracting and training the best staff

    What achieving our goals will mean

    • For patients – high quality care throughout life, for all heart and lung conditions, for all ages
    • For communities – reducing health inequality and helping prevent conditions where possible
    • For staff – supporting the next generation of teams
  • How we are already working together

    Education and training

    Over 550 staff have attended learning sessions, including 7 weekly COVID-19 seminars to share knowledge and expertise

    Knowledge and sharing

    Over 350 staff, in addition to patients, carers, and governors have attended 5 forum events, the most recent on patient and public involvement opportunities

    Patient and public engagement

    More than 350 patients, members of the public and representatives of charities engaged in the development of plans

    Bringing teams together

    Over 260 clinical colleagues meet at working groups to help bring services together. Patients also benefit from shared expertise from teams working together in over 10 multidisciplinary (experts from different areas) team meetings

    Clinical academic collaborations

    Over 300 staff contributing to delivering joint collaboration and innovation projects

Children's heart and lung care – how we are already working together

  • A patient story – baby Leo

    A type of congenital heart disease was flagged during a 20-week scan. Leo was referred to the fetal cardiology unit at Royal Brompton Hospital.

    Royal Brompton Hospital worked with Evelina London, currently the only centre in the world to use a new type of 3D MRI technology.

    Doctors from Royal Brompton and Evelina London worked together to deliver Leo in the operating theatre, so they could perform life saving surgery immediately after his birth.

    Baby Leo's Mum Laura said: "We've benefitted from this great partnership with specialists at Royal Brompton, Guy's and St Thomas' and Evelina London. We appreciate so much what all the doctors and nurses have done for Leo and us during this past year. We could never thank them enough."

  • A patient story – Oliver, a child in Kent with congenital heart disease


    • 12 hospital admissions in the first 10 years of his life
    • 6 hospital trusts involved in his care
    • £65 for every trip to London for Oliver and his parent

    In the future

    • Specialist services will work more closely together, so that Oliver does not have to visit so many different hospitals
    • Shared IT and imaging technology means Oliver can have tests locally and not more than needed
    • Oliver will have to travel to hospital less often – new ways of providing care
    • Technology will help provide support – remote monitoring devices will track Oliver's heart
    • Oliver will still receive excellent care from those who work with him - but the care will be more convenient, and more tailored to his needs
  • Evelina London is growing


    Plans for a new hospital building at Evelina London have been submitted to Lambeth Council.

    The new building is sometimes referred to as the 'triangle site' because of its shape. It will be joined to the existing building. 

Adult heart and lung care – how we are already working together

  • Education

    Helping to share expertise, foster a learning culture, and informing the highest quality care at local, national, and international levels.

    • Cardiovascular research seminar
    • Partnership respiratory course
    • Weekly cardiac surgery education for trainees
    • Interstitial lung disease education for trainees
    • During COVID surge: 'live' weekly conferences to share expertise
    • Paediatric respiratory course: innovations from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
  • A patient story – Emma, a 21 year old, living with adult congenital heart disease


    • Emma lives in Brighton
    • Emma receives care at a specialist adult congenital heart disease (ACHD) centre close to her home
    • She travels to attend a specialist partnership hospital at least once a year for review

    In the future

    • Changes in Emma's health can be monitored remotely by new technology
    • Appointments with experts in the multidisciplinary team can be arranged at short notice. Emma can also communicate with a specialist nurse virtually (for example, online or telephone appointments)
    • Emma is offered the option to take part in a research programme for a new type of device, helping patients with congenital heart disease prevent rhythm abnormalities
    • By working together, multidisciplinary teams sharing knowledge across sites, use of new technologies, and cutting-edge research, Emma receives the best possible care
  • A patient story – Martin, a 64 year old with a history of lung problems

    Martin's situation

    • Martin lives in Eastbourne with his wife, 80 miles from London
    • Martin's wife has dementia
    • He will need to find a carer for his wife so he can attend hospital appointments in London

    Future improvements

    • Quicker and more efficient referral – scans and records shared swiftly between care providers
    • The specialist unit will have multidisciplinary meetings at the end of the day to review cases and share expertise within and across sites
    • Technology will enable more efficient care – a mixture of virtual and face-to-face will be offered and patients will have more choice
    • Martin will receive more joined-up care, timely follow-up support, and regular monitoring and review. He, and others like him, will receive more streamlined diagnosis and have less need to travel frequently

How to get involved

  • Workshops and events for patients and families

    Workshop dates – 2021
    All Introduction Thursday 13 May, 6.30pm
    Children's heart and lung services Outpatient care Thursday 20 May, 12.30pm
    Adult congenital heart disease services Outpatients and management of care Tuesday 25 May, 6.30pm
    Children's heart and lung services Management of care Thursday 27 May, 6.30pm
    Children's heart and lung services Fetal cardiology services To be confirmed for a date in September or October 2021
    Children's heart and lung services Inpatient care To be confirmed for a date in September or October 2021
    Children's heart and lung services Transition to adult care To be confirmed for a date in September or October 2021
    Adult congenital heart disease services Planned care and transition To be confirmed for a date in September or October 2021
     All  Feedback To be confirmed for a date in September or October 2021

    Relevant links

  • Question and answer session

    Question and answer panel members:

    • Prof Richard Beale – associate medical director, Guy's and St Thomas' and King's Health Partners respiratory medicine and critical care clinical academic group leader
    • Dr Aaron Bell – consultant children's cardiologist and head of children’s heart services, Evelina London
    • Dr Natali Chung – consultant cardiologist and clinical lead, adult congenital heart disease service, Guy's and St Thomas' and clinical director, congenital heart disease network
    • Dr Michael Gatzoulis – professor of cardiology, congenital heart disease and consultant cardiologist, adult congenital heart centre and centre for pulmonary hypertension, Royal Brompton and Harefield Clinical Group
    • Dr Richard Grocott-Mason – managing director and consultant cardiologist, Royal Brompton and Harefield Clinical Group
    • Dr Sara Hanna – medical director, Evelina London
    • Dr Claire Hogg – joint divisional director, children's services, Royal Brompton and Harefield Clinical Group
    • Janet Powell – director of nursing, Evelina London