Together we care - our strategy

Our strategy is based on our vision and our values as a trust. There are 3 overall priorities. These are the things we care about most and are central to achieving our vision.


We aim to transform our relationship with our patients by:

  • involving and listening to patients, families and carers when we make decisions
  • finding new and better ways of involving people in their own health and care
  • making the most of digital technology to improve how patients access care and receive information


We aim to support our staff and secure our finances for the future by:

  • growing, developing and caring for our diverse workforce
  • providing consistently excellent care by improving the way we work every day
  • managing and getting the best value from our finances and estate, so we can continue to invest in our staff and services


We aim to build new partnerships and strengthen existing relationships by:

  • working with local partners to join up care in our communities
  • creating world-class clinical academic services by bringing together care, research and education
  • developing new treatments, therapies and technologies by collaborating with commercial and academic partners

Watch our 'together we care' summary video.

Our values are the things that demonstrate what we stand for, showing we care every day about our patients and each other.

But the world is constantly changing.

Technology is transforming the way we do things, and with people living longer, with more complex health needs, the way we care for, and interact with our patients also needs to change.

Our vision is to be a local, national, and international leader in care services, education and research.

We have a long tradition of pioneering new discoveries and treatments, bringing together hospital and community services, and providing our patients with the best possible care.

We've never stood still, and we have ambitious plans to continue improving.

So, to remain true to our values and achieve our ambitious vision, our 5-year strategy has 3 priorities: patients, people and partnerships.

We are transforming our relationships with the people we care for, ensuring our patients have a say in what we do as an organisation and finding new and improved ways of involving them in their own health and care, using technology to improve the way we work and deliver consistently excellent care.

This means investing in our staff, providing them with exceptional training and education, looking after their wellbeing, and making sure our workforce truly represents the communities we serve.

We are also building new partnerships, and strengthening the ones we already have.

We'll work with local organisations to join up care in our community, helping people stay well for longer and providing them with care closer to home.

And we'll work across wider networks to create new centres of clinical and academic excellence, and with commercial and academic partners to develop innovative new treatments, therapies and technology.

Our plans are underpinned by a focus on strong operational performance, managing our money sensibly, and making the best use of digital technology and data.

Our vision is ambitious, but that's what makes Guy's and St Thomas' so special.

We are always challenging ourselves to be the best we can be for the people who need us the most.

Our priorities are simple: patients, people, partnerships.

Guy's and St Thomas' - together we care.

Last updated: October 2022

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