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Our strategy - Together we care


The development of our strategy is based on our vision and our values as a Trust. We have identified three overall priorities for our organisation. These are the things we care about most and will be central to achieving our vision.


  • Involving and listening to patients, families and carers when we make decisions
  • Finding new and better ways of involving people in their own health and care
  • Making the most of digital technology to improve how patients access care and receive information.


  • Growing, developing and caring for our diverse workforce
  • Providing consistently excellent care by improving the way we work every day
  • Managing and getting best value from our finances and estate, so we can continue to invest in our staff and services.


  • Working with local partners to join up care in our communities
  • Creating world-class clinical academic services by bringing together care, research and education
  • Developing new treatments, therapies and technologies by collaborating with commercial and academic partners.

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Download our 'vision, values and strategy'

You can download a one page summary (PDF 861KB), which shows how our strategy support our values and mission.

You can also read the full strategy (PDF 2MB).

Our vision

To advance health and wellbeing, as a local, national and international leader in clinical care, education and research.