Developing a new strategy

Help us shape our plans and priorities

We want to continue to offer the best possible care and support to patients, family members and carers. We are starting to develop our plans and priorities looking ahead to 2030 and beyond.

We want our strategy to reflect what matters most to you - the people and communities who use our services now and in the future.

What we've done so far

Thank you to everyone who took part in a survey or shared their views while waiting for an appointment.

We've reviewed reports about patients', family members' and carers' experiences from 2020 to 2023. From the reports we identified 10 topics.

Next we asked people to tell us which of the 10 topics we need to focus our attention on first. Nearly 600 people answered this question and the top 5 topics were:

  1. waiting and access
  2. prevention
  3. communications
  4. joined up care
  5. research

We also asked people to tell us if we had missed anything. Over 350 people answered this question and the 5 top topics were:

  1. workforce – addressing staff shortages and supporting frontline staff
  2. funding – Trust use of public and charity funds and NHS-wide funding
  3. relationship between patients and staff – patient centred care and the importance of face-to-face contact
  4. getting the basics right – focus on well-run services as well as innovation
  5. transport – access, patient experience and cost

Next steps

We'll be using what we have learnt to shape the Trust's new organisational strategy. In January 2024, we will publish a full and summary report.

Please contact us if you want:

  • a copy of 1 or both of the reports
  • to help us deliver the strategy

Last updated: December 2023

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