Updates and changes

Our new electronic health record system

On 5 October, we launched our new patient electronic health record system across our hospitals and community services. Our new system, Epic, will improve our ways of working which will make your experience with us smoother, safer and more convenient.

Epic replaces many of the systems we currently use with a single programme. As old systems are switched off, and our new single system goes live, you might notice some changes at appointments and in the way we communicate with you.

We expect the following changes over the next few weeks. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with your service. 

Appointments and our services

In-person appointments

There may be some delays and longer waiting times as we get used to the new system, particularly during October. Please allow a little more time at appointments for checking-in, waiting for us to see you, and collecting medicines from our pharmacy. We’re sorry for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

There will also be more staff in our hospitals and clinical areas than usual to support our services to continue running as smoothly as possible. Look out for our welcome kiosks where you can check-in and tell us any information we need before your appointment.

Read more about face-to-face appointments.

Video appointments

We have changed the system we use to do video appointments from Attend Anywhere to Microsoft Teams.

Any links to join video appointments sent before 5 October will not work. You will receive a new link in a text message 24 hours before your appointment, and a reminder 1 hour before.

If you have an appointment on 5 October, please use the link you are sent 1 hour before your call.

We encourage you to sign up to MyChart, our app and online portal for patients. You can use MyChart to see your future appointment details and joining links.

Read more about video appointments.

Blood tests

If you have a blood test appointment between 5 October and mid-October, please be aware that your visit to our clinics might take a little longer than usual.

You might notice that regular blood test results take a bit more time to come through.


If you are having maternity care at Guy’s and St Thomas’, we'll invite you to sign up to MyChart, a new app and online portal.

MyChart will replace our current app, BadgerNotes. You can still access BadgerNotes after 5 October, but you won't see any new information as we'll use MyChart to update your records. 

If you have any questions, please speak to your midwife or contact the service.

How we communicate with you

Your preferences

Sending text messages is our standard way of communicating with patients and carers about appointments. This will continue once we switch to our new system, so you do not need to do anything if you’re happy with this.

However, information you previously gave us about different communication preferences will not transfer to the new system. This means you may need to tell us again if you need any particular formats or support.

You can set or change your preferences by:

  • using our app and website, MyChart to set your preferences
  • asking a member of staff when you have your appointment or when you book it
  • opting-out of certain formats by following instructions on text messages and digital letters

If you need language support, contact the service your appointment is with directly. They can arrange for a translator.

Updates for family members and carers

If you’re a family member or carer, you might receive text messages about a patient’s care.

To make sure you continue receiving appointment confirmations and reminders from us after 5 October, please speak to the service directly.

You can also use MyChart, our app and online portal for patients. With proxy access, you can view a patient’s health record, appointment details and set your preferences for how we communicate with you. You can find more information about MyChart on our website, or speak to the service to request an account.

Receiving texts from different numbers

Sometimes, we use different numbers to send patients text messages about their appointments and care. We’ll let you know it’s from Guy’s and St Thomas’ or one of our hospitals in the message.

If you’ve received a text message from us and you’re not sure, please contact the service your appointment is with.

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