Staff feedback

Benefits and support

Every year the NHS asks staff about their experiences.

The feedback we receive is extremely important to us because we want our staff to feel positive about their work with us. We also know that there is a positive correlation between staff satisfaction and the quality of patient care we provide.

Our staff survey results

Feedback from staff at Guy's and St Thomas' in 2021 once again places our workforce amongst the most engaged in the country.

Results also show that 73% of our staff would recommend the Trust as a place to work, compared to the national average of 58%.

We are particularly proud that we scored extremely well in questions about how staff were feeling about their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We attribute this to our 'showing we care about you' programme. 64% of our staff agreed that we took positive action on health and wellbeing, compared to the national average of 56%.

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