Help us to improve - Friends and Family Test

Posted on Wednesday 1 May 2013
Staff Nurse Karen Jackson with patient Alan Short

A nurse explains the Friends and Family Test question to a patient

If you are a patient on our wards or A&E we have a question for you. Would you recommend our accident and emergency department or the ward you were treated on to friends or family who needed similar treatment?

Under a new national initiative called the Friends and Family Test that is the question every inpatient and many A&E patients will be asked before being discharged from our hospitals. By answering this simple question - on a postcard in A&E and a survey on wards - you can help us improve the services we offer and the care we provide our patients.

James Hill, Head of Nursing in our A&E department says: "We are always striving to improve the way we do things. We want to hear from as many patients as possible so that their views are at heart of what we do.

The postcard in A&E has room for patients to give information about their care and to make suggestions as well. So don't lose the opportunity to let us know what you think."

Patients need to complete the friends and family test question within 48 hours of discharge.

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