Barbara's Story watched 5,000 times

Tuesday 3 June 2014

Barbaras story still

Dementia training film Barbara, the whole story has been watched 5,000 times on YouTube in just two months by people across the world as far afield as Chile, New Zealand and Singapore. 

The film was originally created to raise awareness of dementia among all 13,200 staff at Guy’s and St Thomas’.  

It was the brainchild of Chief Nurse Eileen Sills and her nursing colleagues. They wanted the film to be made publicly available so that everyone could benefit from its messages. 

Eileen says: “It’s absolutely fantastic that the film has been so successful. For so many people to watch the film in just two months shows that dementia is an issue that everyone is concerned about. We all know that dementia affects memory, but this film shows that there are many other subtle signs to look out for.

“We’re pleased to be making a small contribution to raising awareness of this terrible disease and how we can all care for the people affected by it.”

The film was launched on YouTube on 31 March and reached the milestone of 5,000 views on Saturday 31 May. 

Where has it been watched?
 Place  Views
 United Kingdom  4293
 Australia  263
 United States  111
 Ireland  69
 Canada  65
 Germany  48
 New Zealand  39
 Isle of Man  22
 France  17
 Portugal  15
 Denmark  15
 Spain  8
 Italy  8
 South Africa  7
 Cyprus  6
 Singapore  5
 Indonesia  5
 India  4
 Kenya  3
 Nigeria  3
 Trinidad and Tobago  3
 Finland  3
 Switzerland  3
 Netherlands  3
 Greece  2
 Austria  2
 Turkey  2
 Saudi Arabia  2
 Saint Kitts and Nevis  2
 Venezuela  2
 Guernsey  2
 Guyana  2
 Norway  2
 Philippines  2
 Guam  1
 Czech Republic  1
 Chile  1
 Qatar  1
 Azerbaijan  1
 British Virgin Islands  1
 Sri Lanka  1
 Brunei  1
 Mexico  1
 Malaysia  1
 Jamaica  1
 South Korea  1
 Tanzania  1
 Malta  1
 Gibraltar  1
 Poland  1
 Thailand  1
 Japan  1
 Belgium  1
 Saint Lucia  1
 Iceland  1
 Bahrain  1

Last updated: June 2014

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