Care and Emergency Service animals get blessing from Rev Mia Hilborn

Monday 10 October 2016

Rev Mia Hilborn performs blessing for care and emergency service animals

They are the unsung heroes who devote their lives to helping people, never asking for thanks. They come in all shapes and sizes and some perform tasks which are quite literally super-human.

Now animals that work in care and emergency service roles have been given their own special religious blessing, courtesy of Guy’s and St Thomas’ chaplain Rev Mia Hilborn.

The blessing at St Thomas’ Hospital took place on Wednesday 5 October 2016, and saw a range of animals which help people gather for the event. Children from nearby Notre Dame School sang at the event.

“Animals perform all sorts of exceptional roles in helping people across our community here at Guy’s and St Thomas’, but they never get recognition – I want to change that so I’m performing a special blessing for them,” says Rev Hilborn.

“Guide dogs do an amazing job of helping people get around, police horses and dogs help us maintain law and order, and fire dogs help save the lives of those trapped. Animals also make wonderful companions and though initiatives such as pat-a-pet and the befriend-a-cat initiatives, they perform a vital role in helping people recover from traumatic events and illnesses.

“Even our ‘White Flight’ memorial doves deserve special thanks for helping us to remember those people who we have lost in tragic circumstances. They perform amazing roles everyday, which often go completely unnoticed or unrecognised by society. The blessing I will perform will be for all animals which help humans, whether on a practical level, or simply making someone feel loved.”

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