CARE Awards recognise outstanding staff

Friday 27 November 2015

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CARE Awards are given each month to staff who provide exceptional care for patients and who demonstrate the Trust’s values in their working lives.

CARE stands for Courtesy, Attitude, Respect and Enthusiasm.At the Trust Board meeting on Wednesday (25 November), the latest winners were presented with their awards by Chairman Sir Hugh Taylor and Acting Chief Executive Amanda Pritchard.

And the winners are . . .

Team winner – August 2015

Simon Patient Lodge team
(Roy Varghese, David Lammas, Donna Windley, Irving Goodchild, Toyin Aluko, Kolwole Ogundalu, Hanif Lowe and Olga Badanova).

Staff at the Simon Patient Lodge, which accommodates patients who would otherwise occupy clinical bed spaces, were nominated for their care and consideration.

The nominator said the team was friendly and helpful, and rustled up a delicious hot supper for a patient who arrived very late. The nominator went on to say, “I felt cared for by them all in these impeccable surroundings, especially my room with a view!”


Individual winner (joint) – August 2015

Belinda Buckthorpe, assistant service manager, paediatric and adult allergy department.

Belinda was nominated for her enthusiasm, presence on the ward, and tireless work to improve the paediatric and adult allergy service.

She has improved clinic templates, communication issues, and supported junior administrative staff enormously.

She was nominated for being a good team leader, being innovative, inquisitive and always having the patients’ best interests at heart.

Individual winner (joint) – August 2015

Oluwole Oludipe, security.

Oluwole was nominated for his help in catching a thief who had stolen a phone from a member of the public.

He was in Guy’s car park and saw a man running away towards the new Cancer Centre, with a female member of the public running after him shouting that he had snatched her mobile phone.

Oluwole ran after, grabbed and restrained the suspect. Oluwole then radioed security control and requested police assistance who attended immediately, and arrested the thief. Oluwole selflessly put himself in danger to help a distressed person.

Individual winner  – September 2015

David Herdman, Physiotherapist

David was nominated for his exceptionally high standard of care and compassion and for being an excellent role model to others.

One patient said, “I have seen between 25 and 30 GPs, consultants and other medical professionals, and David stands out as being exceptional. His empathy and understanding of my symptoms, combined with his expertise and flexible approach, have had a huge impact on my health.

“The treatment programme he has worked with me on has dramatically improved my symptoms and quality of life, and helped me feel involved in (and regain control of) my recovery. I was impressed by the way David managed to involve the trainees whilst remaining focused on patient care. For the first time in half a decade I have hope and focus for my recovery and this is due in a large part to David. I cannot thank him enough for this.”

Want to nominate a member of staff for the CARE Awards?

The CARE Awards are open to all hospital and community staff and volunteers. Nominations can be made by staff, patients, volunteers and visitors.

Details of how to make a nomination are available on the website.

Last updated: November 2015

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