Community centre supports Paralympic athletes

Tuesday 28 August 2012

Adrian Heathfield

Bowley Close Rehabilitation centre, part of Guy’s and St Thomas’ community services, provides care for people who have had amputations, or were born without limbs.

As well as treating local residents from Lambeth and Southwark, the Bowley Close team have played a vital part in the lives of several Paralympic athletes by developing customised prosthetics and helping them to prepare for the Games this week and in 2016.

Adrian Heathfield, a triathalon and paratriathalon runner and below-the-knee amputee is an athlete who has been helped by the team – he hopes to compete in Rio. “After struggling to save my damaged leg for eight and a half years - the result of a snowboarding accident - I had it amputated below the knee last year,” he said. “The team of doctors, physiotherapists, prosthesitists and reception staff at Bowley Close have made it much easier for me to make the transition.

“All are very friendly, knowledgeable and work with patients to enable you to reach your goals. I have set my goals high; I compete in triathlon and paratriathlon, which will be a Paralympic sport for the first time in Rio in 2016. For me, Rio is the long term goal; I placed third at the British Paratriathlon Championships, just seven months post amputation.

“My prosthetist, Christina, has worked with me, listening to me talking about problem areas in the socket and remoulding the new sockets to fit me better to get the most out of my prosthesis.”

Tomorrow, Wednesday 29 August, 11am-1pm, Bowley Close will be hosting an open day in the marquee at St Thomas’, all staff and patients are welcome.

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