Consultant takes office as the president of RCPCH

Wednesday 23 May 2012

Dr Hilary Cass

Consultant in paediatric disability at the Evelina Children’s Hospital, Dr Hilary Cass, officially takes up her new role as the president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) today (23 May).

Dr Cass has worked at the Evelina since 2009, and provides care for children with varying disabilities, including autistic spectrum disorders, epilepsy, feeding and communication problems. 

Speaking of her new College role she said: “I’m deeply honoured to have been chosen for this prestigious appointment. While so much has been done to protect children’s health over the years, we are currently in the most challenging time within the health service. As the new reforms for paediatric services and the NHS take place, we must ensure children’s health and services are protected for the long term future.”

One issue that Hilary hopes to tackle in her new role is the gap between primary and secondary care services for children. "The UK has one of the highest child mortality rates in Western Europe, and that is something that we should all take seriously. We have real shortcomings in the way in which services are designed, and too often children fall through the cracks. We have national reports which show that these deaths could be avoided if professionals from a large range of backgrounds in primary and secondary care had better training in recognising serious illness in children and worked together more closely."

Hilary believes the new community partnerships that the Trust is developing through King’s Health Partners will provide a unique opportunity to develop more streamlined working and training between primary care, community care and hospital services.

Hilary will serve a three year term as President and will continue to work at the Evelina during this time.

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