Dedicated staff honoured at Long Service Awards

Friday 13 December 2019

Long Service Awards 2019

Loyal staff who have been working at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust for much of their careers have been recognised at the annual Long Service Awards.

Twenty two members of staff were celebrated at the event, which thanks those who have been part of the Trust for a minimum of 25 years. Between them, those who picked up awards have clocked up more than 550 years of service.

Both clinical and non-clinical staff from across Guy’s and St Thomas’ were recognised – from nurses, occupational therapists and surgeons to housekeeping assistants, admin staff and specialist engineers.

The awards were handed out by Chairman Sir Hugh Taylor, who said in his opening speech: “We’re here to celebrate the service, commitment and skills of staff who’ve shown their loyalty to the Trust over many years.

“One of the things that I think absolutely glues this organisation together is the fact that a lot of people stay here and give their lives to the patients who we care for. I think that makes for a very very special environment.

“The values of the Trust are lived out by the people that stay here the longest and their commitment inspires other at the Trust to thrive.”

Chief audiologist Constantis Onisphorou was honoured at the awards, having worked for the Trust for over 40 years. Constantis began his career at Guy’s and St Thomas’ assessing and fitting hearing aids, as well as providing advice for patients with tinnitus.

Constantis said: “I began as a student audiology technician in 1972 at Guy’s Hospital, before getting more experience at other hospitals after I graduated. I returned to Guy’s and St Thomas’ in 1977 and have been here ever since.

“Everything has changed since I began. When I started, hearing aids were analogue and now everything is digital. Every year I have to learn new things.

“The thing I like best about the job dealing with patients and working out the best way to help them. I always try and class myself as one of them. We’re there to help them, not talk down to them, and I think this help the patients to trust us more.”

Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Redpath, 78, has been a senior staff nurses in the emergency department of St Thomas’ hospital for 25 years.

Lizzie said: “Working at the emergency department has been the most amazing experience. I walk an average of 5km every time I am on duty! I work with the most delightful crowd of young staff and we have a lot of laughs together.

“One of the things that I love doing the most is each Christmas my husband and I cook a Christmas dinner for all of the staff working at the emergency department. Everybody is invited, from porters, to housekeeping, to security, to doctors and nurses.”

Moses Green began working as a housekeeping assistant at Guy’s Hospital in 1994 and is currently based at Guy’s Cancer Centre. Described by colleagues as kind and full of integrity, Moses is one of the few trained to work in pharmacy asceptics decontamination.

Moses said: “I like to communicate with the patients. It’s nice to talk to them so they can tell you their needs so you can work out how to support them. I’m there to assist patients. One day we could be patients, so I always put them first.”

The celebratory event took place on Thursday 5 December.

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