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Tuesday 17 June 2014

A patient with a nurse

Patients and the public can now easily access online information about Guy’s and St Thomas, including waiting times, infection rates, and patient feedback.

Our Quality Story will keep patients and the public informed about how the Trust is doing.

Amanda Pritchard, Chief Operating Officer, says: “It’s our responsibility to be transparent and make it easy for patients, staff, visitors and the public to see how we are performing.

“We are committed to being open and honest about our safety record and our outcomes. Having this information at our fingertips is especially important to help patients decide where they want to receive their care.

“Although we already provide lots of this information, we recognised that it was in several different places and often difficult to understand.

“We worked with patients, the public, staff, governors, GPs and other local health professionals to develop Our Quality Story to make sure we share the information they think is important, in a way that is easy to understand.”

The development of the web pages is part of the Trust’s response to the Francis, Berwick and Keogh reports, which called for greater openness in the NHS. The information will be reviewed monthly.

Visit Our Quality Story and watch an animation about the kind of information you will find in the new web section.

Last updated: June 2014

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