Families enjoy an inclusive and accessible Winter Wonderland experience

Monday 4 December 2023

Victoria and her family at Winter Wishes

The inaugural Winter Wishes morning took place Tuesday 21 November, giving families the opportunity to enjoy the UK's largest festive event without the crowds.

Patients and staff members from Evelina London Children's Hospital were invited to enjoy free entry, rides, and attractions at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland with a reduced capacity and in a lower sensory environment.

Winter Wishes operated at 15% capacity and featured enhanced accessibility measures including reduced lighting and sound levels, low-sensory skating on the open-air Ice Rink, audio guides in the Magical Ice Kingdom, and an increased number of accessible facilities.

Victoria Felton, head of nursing for the Evelina London cardio-respiratory and intensive care directorate, attended the event with her family, including her son who is a patient at Evelina London. She said "We feel very lucky to have attended Winter Wishes. We had a lovely day out as a family, made some memories and had a lot of fun."

Stephen Flint Wood, Managing Director, Arts and Entertainment, IMG said: "The overall purpose of Winter Wishes is simple: to provide a morning of wonder and joy to those who may otherwise be unable to attend. It's a celebration of inclusivity, where Winter Wonderland becomes a place where dreams come true. This event is one of the most important additions we have made to Winter Wonderland in recent years."

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