Feeding the mind

Thursday 28 February 2013

Feed your mind

Next week (7 – 22 March), fellow experts at King’s College London will be hosting a two week-long festival of bite-size seminars on all things food. The ‘Feed Your Mind’ Festival welcomes the public to feed their questions on a wide range of topics surrounding food.

Ranging from Chinese food and medicine, superfoods and heart disease, food labelling, eating disorders and much more, there is something for everyone to get their teeth into.

Addressing current concerns in food labelling and healthy eating, King’s College London Professor Alan Maryon-Davis will be looking at the big issues behind the labels. Food labelling can encourage healthy eating but people may not know how to read the labels properly. This session hopes to help the public to learn more about what food labelling means for shoppers.

With television programmes like Supersize Vs Superskinny feeding the minds of many people today, there is even a session scheduled on eating disorders, comfort eating and food addiction. A panel of experts from the field of obesity, nutrition and health psychology will be on hand to discuss why food becomes the sources of dread for some people and for others, the source of excessive desire. 

For a full programme of seminars on offer or to sign up to a free session, please visit www.kcl.ac.uk/feedyourmind


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