Feeling hot, hot, hot. Five ways to stay cool at work

Monday 15 July 2013

A thermometer

The hot weather is set to continue over the next few days. But what should you do if you are facing the prospect of sitting in a hot, stuffy office? Here are five easy ways to keep cool. 

  1. Keep the sun out. Keeping window blinds drawn and turning lights off will reduce heat in the office. Turning off heat generating printers and photocopiers can also help.
  2. Put on the fan. Keep air circulating by putting fans near open windows. Remember to switch fans off when you leave the office.
  3. Avoid tea and coffee which are dehydrating. Drink plenty of water or juices instead and eat more cold foods such as fruits and salads which contain water.
  4. Try to wear loose, lightweight, cotton clothing where ever possible but bear in mind the Trust’s dress code policy.
  5. Take a break. When it’s this hot it’s easy to feel listless and tired. Take breaks in cooler parts of the building and try to avoid going out during the hottest times of the day - from 12noon onwards. If you do venture outside use factor 15 or above sun cream.

Last updated: July 2013

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