Have you washed your hands?

Monday 20 August 2012

Teaching hand washing

Matrons in the Evelina Children’s Hospital are leading the way in raising awareness of our Trust-wide ‘zero tolerance’ campaign against infection.

The aim of the zero tolerance campaign is to ensure that everyone – staff, patients and visitors - know that they can challenge any one of us if we have not washed our hands.

Teams toured the floors of the hospital with a light box and training hand gel to encourage staff, patients and visitors to test their hand washing skills. People were asked to wash their hands with a special gel then put them under a training light box, which shows up the areas of their hands that were not properly washed.

Matrons also gave out information about infection prevention and control, quizzes, word searches and stickers for the children. Over 160 people signed up to support the campaign.

Matron Louise Dewsbury said: “We are also reminding staff about the ‘bare below the elbows policy’ which helps towards preventing the spread of infection. Good hand hygiene is the most effective method of preventing infection.”

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Last updated: August 2012

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