New hi-tech equipment for detecting kidney stones

Monday 8 October 2012

The lithotripter

A new piece of hi-tech equipment which can detect and break down kidney stones was officially opened on Friday (5 October) by the person who originally introduced the equipment to the Trust - former urologist Richard Tiptaft.

The new lithotripter in the day surgery unit at Guy's is touch screen allowing the urologist to better target the area where the stone is, and it produces less radiation. There is also a television screen on the ceiling to take the patient's mind off the procedure.

Opening the new lithotripter Richard Tiptaft said: "We have come a long way since we opened the first lithotripter at St Thomas' in 1985.

"It gives me great pleasure to officially open this wonderful new machine."

One of the first patients to try it was Penny Warneker. She said: "I am a regular visitor to the hospital as I have ongoing kidney problems. I think the new machine is more comfortable, and it is also more accurate.

"It also allows me to come here regularly, and I can have the procedure in 15 minutes where as before I'd have to have an anaesthetic and I might be here for several days.

"Guy's and St Thomas' is an amazing place, and I'd like to thank all the wonderful staff in the team. It's an honour and a privilege to be a patient here."

Consultant Urologist Jonathan Glass said: "It's a fantastic piece of equipment which will provide us with patient benefits for years to come.

"It has greater accuracy and power than previous models, and as it produces less radiation it is much better for patients."


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