Nurse named President of Infection Prevention Society

Thursday 8 September 2016

Neil Wigglesworth

Neil Wigglesworth, Deputy Director of Infection Prevention and Control at Guy's and St Thomas', takes on the mantle of President of the Infection Prevention Society from 28 September.

Neil has 21 years of infection prevention and control nursing experience under his belt, including four years with Public Health Wales.

He now leads a team of nine infection prevention and control nurses at Guy's and St Thomas', as well as the intravenous therapy and surgical site infection surveillance teams.

Neil, who takes to the helm of the prestigious 2,000-strong membership organisation, says: "We're always being challenged by emerging infections and bacteria that are resistant to even the strongest drugs available.

"However, things can improve dramatically by getting back to basics like good hand hygiene and keeping the hospital environment clean, as well as reducing the unnecessary use of antibiotics.

"That's why we're working hard across the NHS to find new ways of treating infections and keeping infection prevention at the top of the health agenda."

The Infection Prevention Society’s vision is that no person is harmed by a preventable infection.

Last updated: September 2016

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