Nurse who is 'everything good about the NHS' retires after 52 years

Tuesday 20 August 2013

Nurse who is 'everything good about the NHS' retires after 52 years

A theatre nurse described as being ‘everything good about the NHS’ has retired after 52 years of service to the NHS.

Jackie Hyne, matron for Forest theatres at Evelina London Children’s Hospital, trained as a nurse at Lambeth Hospital before it became part of St Thomas’ in the 70s.

At her retirement party, Jackie explained how nursing has changed during her career, she said: “All students had to be in their rooms with lights out at 11pm. We were allowed two late passes a week but if you were caught coming back after midnight you were given a severe telling off by matron, and all five floors of the nurses’ home would hear the shouting!

“We worked a 48-hour-week with one day off. Relationships between nurses were strictly forbidden. We were prohibited from entering male nurses’ rooms, and vice versa. And any nurse wanting to spend a night away from the home had to get permission from the matron.

“Day-to-day nursing tasks were also entirely different. Instead of unpacking pre-sterilised equipment for use in operations, we had to scrub and re-use everything - including gloves.

“I’m very sad to be leaving the Trust, but I know I am leaving it in the best place it has ever been and in the safest hands.”

Jackie was joined by colleagues old and new who were treated to a story of Jackie’s career with some very comical pictures from the years gone by.

Chief Nurse Eileen Sills said: “Jackie is an example for all of us; her dedication to nursing is inspiring and she has set the best example for future recruits to follow.

“Jackie will be missed very much and we wish her the best, her hard work will continue to pay off long into the future of Evelina London.”

Last updated: August 2013

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