Patients benefit from better scans

Thursday 21 November 2013

The new PET Centre reception area

The Clinical PET Centre at St Thomas' Hospital is able to scan patients more accurately and quickly than ever before thanks to new technology. 

Two PET-CT whole body scanners help the medical team to diagnose diseases at the earliest stage, such as cancer, heart disease and neuropsychiatric illnesses such as Alzheimer's, and decide on the best course of treatment for patients. 

The team will also use the improved technology to carry out new research into health conditions to develop effective treatments. 

The centre is now located on the first floor of Lambeth Wing, with Radiology and Nuclear Medicine. Pallavi Patel, centre manager, explains: "By moving the PET Centre closer to these other imaging departments, patients needing a number of scans won’t need to travel to different parts of the hospital. It also means that our imaging experts are on hand to solve difficult diagnostic problems together." 

Find out more information about the PET-CT imaging service.

Last updated: November 2013

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