Patients encouraged to graffiti

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Ward Sisters Rita Sawyer and Frances Potter

Patients encouraged to graffiti

Patients receiving care in the gastro-intestinal wards at St Thomas’ Hospital are sharing their feedback in a less than conventional manner - graffiti.

Newly established ‘graffiti boards’ on the Northumberland and Page wards are for patients, relatives and staff to share their thoughts or give suggestions about their time and treatment in hospital.

Rita Sawyer, Northumberland ward sister, said: “The graffiti boards have been up for three weeks and so far we’ve had some helpful comments from patients and families.

“Patients receive a formal survey on the day of discharge, but the graffiti boards allow them to tell us their passing thoughts, things that they might not remember to share once they are home.”

The boards, which feature at either end of the wards, are aiming to stimulate feedback from patients and their families about details that seem small but can make a big difference.

“As a unit we welcome as much feedback as we can get, no matter how big or small, so that we can continue to improve and offer the best possible patient care.

”Opposite one of the graffiti boards is information for our patients and visitors which myself and Page ward sister Frances Potter keep up to date with information about how we use their feedback and how we are meeting targets and continuing to improve,” added Rita.

If you are staying on or visiting the Northumberland and Page wards look out for the graffiti board and share your comments.

Comments that have been left so far:

  • A little smile goes a long way, and a big smile even more
  • Improved staffing numbers
  • We love physios

Last updated: May 2013

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