Patients praise exceptional care of neighbourhood nurses who feel 'like family'

Tuesday 8 November 2022

A nurse and a patient sit on a sofa in the patient's home. The nurse (a woman) wears a blue polo shirt and dark trousers and is wearing gloves and holding medical equipment. The patient has a lime green top and grey hair.

Neighbourhood nurse Adeola Arigbabu cares for patient, Nilgun Taki

A new film highlighting the vital role of Guy's and St Thomas' neighbourhood nurses and the difference they make to our patients' lives has been released. The film, which will be used to recruit neighbourhood nurses, gives an overview of the essential work community nurses do to keep patients at home for longer while avoiding hospital admission.
Nilgun Taki, 62, who has ovarian cancer appears in the film alongside her daughter, Figen Hassan and neighbourhood nurse, Adeola Arigbabu.
Figen said: "Mum was diagnosed in early November [2021]. To be honest it was an absolute shock. And, yes, there was a level of anxiety as to when we come [home], 'How is it going to be?' 'Would I be able to do everything that mum needed? The relief that I felt when we were appointed nurses... They felt like family straight away. They come twice a day and the amount of care and work they put in is amazing."
Neighbourhood nurse, Adeola, said: "We do know our patients. We see these patients all the their own home. That makes me happy because I can make a difference."
In 2018, Guy's and St Thomas' was the first NHS trust in England to introduce and adapt the Dutch model of community nursing known as Buurtzorg into district nursing. The service is now known as neighbourhood nursing.
This model provides more quality care over time, enables staff to build better relationships with individual patients, and encourages patients and their families to be more independent. Teams are supported by a coach rather than a manager to make collaborative decisions.
Avey Bhatia, Chief Nurse of Guy's and St Thomas', said: “This is a wonderful film which shows just how much of a lifeline our team of neighbourhood nurses are to our patients, and the people who mean the most to them.
"This is an exciting time to join our neighbourhood nursing teams as we continue to develop and implement this model of community nursing.
"I would encourage everyone to watch the film, especially those considering a change of direction in their nursing career. It’s really important for our patients to be supported to stay at home and for their care to meet their individual needs. Nurses joining our community teams make a real difference to people's lives."
For more information contact: Karen Jackson, Head of Nursing, Integrated Local Services at [email protected].

Last updated: November 2022

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