Reducing pressure ulcers across the Trust

Wednesday 18 November 2015

Zero pressure campaign

Pressure ulcer cases in Lambeth and Southwark are falling thanks to an ongoing campaign by the tissue viability nurses at Guy’s and St Thomas’.

More than 2000 staff within the hospital and community setting have been trained to spot and act on the early signs of pressure ulcers.
Since the Zero Pressure campaign began in April 2014, nine local nursing homes have gone 365 days without residents developing a pressure ulcer. Three homes have gone more than 600 days without a pressure ulcer. This is a true testament to the success of the campaign and continued support by the tissue viability team.

Pressure ulcers can lead to pain and stop people from doing everyday activities. People who sit down for long periods or who are unable to get out of bed are at risk of pressure ulcers. They may start to see redness and skin blistering over bony parts of the body.

Chief Nurse Dame Eileen Sills says: “Pressure ulcers can have a devastating affect on quality of life regardless of age. So it’s important that anyone who has a role to play in caring for others is aware of the things they can do to help reduce the risk.

“This is a fantastic example of partnership working. Being able to use our knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the wider community is fantastic.” 

Guy’s and St Thomas’ nurses are also holding free workshops for local carers, relatives, health professionals and care workers on ways to prevent pressure ulcers and improve quality of care.

  • Thursday 19 November is World Wide STOP pressure ulcer day.
  • For more information about Guy’s and St Thomas’ Zero Pressure campaign contact: [email protected]

Last updated: November 2015

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