Sisters act to quit smoking with NHS support

Wednesday 3 January 2018

Megan Moore, Adele Moore and Rowan Agate

Two sisters from Peckham, who stopped smoking 20 a day in April 2017, have credited their success to an “amazing” Guy’s and St Thomas’ stop smoking specialist.

Adele Moore, 30, was three months pregnant when she was referred to Rowan Agate at the stop smoking service for support. Her sister, 23 year-old Megan, accompanied her to the first meeting at Dulwich Community Hospital.

Megan says: “I was the heavier smoker. I’d smoke 25 cigarettes a day. When I was younger, it was a statement of being an adult, of being cool. But actually it’s an addiction and a problem.

“So when Adele went along to the stop smoking service I came too. I had a nagging thing in my head that I wanted to quit and I knew I couldn’t support her unless I did it myself too.”

Adele says: “My midwife mentioned my smoking at the  first 10 week appointment in January 2017. But I carried on smoking until I was referred to Rowan. Somehow I had it in my head that his lungs would be the last thing to develop.

“As a smoker you’re always finding excuses. But at the first meeting I saw a poster on the wall with a baby struggling to breathe in its mother’s tummy. I cried and that was it! We set a quit date for the following Monday.

“When my son, Freddie, was born, he was a good size, eight pounds in weight. Not smoking definitely contributed to this.”

Adele and Megan used Nicotine Replacement Therapy mouth spray and patches to reduce the smoking cravings when they quit. The women attend Rowan’s stop smoking clinic once a week for advice, support and to take a carbon monoxide reading, to keep them motivated to remain smoke-free.

Adele says: “We couldn’t have stopped smoking without the support of Rowan. She’s been amazing.”

Rowan Agate, stop smoking specialist, says: "We know it can be challenging to quit smoking, especially when you're pregnant and the cravings are very strong. But with NHS support you're four times more likely to quit smoking and we can help you stop smoking for good.”

"Adele and Megan show that by stopping smoking you're not only improving your own health but also the health of your children and setting a great example for the whole family."

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