Spreading the word about sickle cell disease

Friday 20 July 2012

Sickle cell awareness day

Did you know that there that there are over 9,000 people living with sickle cell disease in London? Sickle cell disease is a serious disorder in which the body makes sickle, (or crescent) shaped red blood cells. These cells tend to block blood flow in the blood vessels of the limbs and organs, which can cause pain, serious infections and organ damage.

July is sickle cell awareness month which aims to raise public understanding of the condition. There are around 700 adults and 450 children with sickle cell disease who are patients at Guy’s and St Thomas’ and numbers are predicted to increase.

The sickle cell disease team recently held an awareness day for patients, families and staff to educate and inform them further about managing their condition. The event attracted over 74 patients, family members and friends and many colleagues attending throughout the day. The feedback from patients was very positive stating that they were either satisfied, or very satisfied with the day.

Dr Nicky Thomas, consultant health psychologist, said: “The event provided a great opportunity to communicate information about service developments, and research as well as providing a forum for patients to give their views about their experience of the service.”

Our specialist sickle cell centre offers a comprehensive range of care that includes: haematological, orthopaedics, renal care, health psychology, adolescents’ transition, obstetrics, and neurology and pain management."


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