Staff bravery and compassion recognised with CARE Awards

Wednesday 10 May 2017

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Three teams and five individuals from Guy’s and St Thomas’ received CARE Awards for providing exceptional care to patients. The latest CARE Awards were presented by Chairman Sir Hugh Taylor and Chief Executive Amanda Pritchard at the Trust Board meeting on 26 April.

The staff recognised were:

Team award – Helen Hunaban (Victoria High Dependency Unit), Ceit Stewart (Lane Fox), Kate Maher (Lambeth Wing), Jenny Cooke (Blundell Ward), pictured right

This group of staff were on the underground on their way to afternoon tea when they found a man collapsed and in cardiac arrest. They started CPR and successfully resuscitated him so that he could be brought to St Thomas’ Hospital. The patient survived. It was his son’s 21st birthday on that day.

20170509-greg asuellimen and susan rowe

Team award - Susan Rowe, Gemma Navsa, Chidi Kanu, Oluseun Ayoola, Greg Asuelimen (Haematology Day Unit Administration Team) Greg and Susan pictured above

The team was nominated by colleagues for their outstanding hard work, their professionalism and their ability to always put the patient first. As one consultant put it, “they are seen as a very precious part of the clinical service”.

20170509-teenage young adults

Team award - Teenage Young Adults Cancer Unit team, pictured above

The nomination from a patient reads: “I remember meeting the team shortly after being diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. When Gavin Maynard-Wyatt (lead cancer nurse) told me I was going to be supported by all these people in the team, I was overwhelmed. I could not believe how much support I would receive and I can truly say that everyone on the team helped me through tough times that I would not have been able to overcome alone.”


Individual award – Anita Greaves (Evelina London), pictured above

Anita was passing through Forest Hill train station with her baby Rex when a man was stabbed. Despite the danger, Anita ran up the platform to assist the man who had been hurt. She handed Rex to a member of the public, physically pressed on the stab wound sites and reassured the victim.


Individual award – George Brown, Volunteer, pictured above

George has volunteered for the Trust’s Kidney Patients’ Association for more than ten years. He spends a huge amount of his own time visiting the dialysis units, renal clinics and wards. He is always cheerful, friendly and reassuring. For the past two years he has helped organise a family fun day in the summer for the Trust’s kidney patients and their families. He fundraises to support kidney research at Guy’s and has become an integral and highly valued member of the Trust’s kidney care team.


Individual award - Harsha Naik, Dermatology, pictured above

Harsha has worked at the Trust for 20 years, and has looked after patients in our tertiary, national photosensitivity and Xeroderma Pigmentosum services for many years. She counsels patients and families with these distressing and dangerous diseases. Every week for the past 11 years, patients have said they are grateful to Harsha for her kindness and support.


Individual award - Pauline Edwards, Social Worker Renal, pictured above

As a result of Pauline’s personal dedication and commitment, the Trust has been able to support two extremely complex dialysis patients to move out of hospital. The nomination reads: “I can think of no other social worker I have worked with in my 25 years in the NHS that better epitomises the concept of ‘putting the patient first’."

Individual award – Charlotte Harwood (Samaritan Ward)

Two members of the same family nominated Charlotte for the outstanding care she gave to a patient who was dying. The patient’s wife says: “Charlotte strikes exactly the right balance between friendliness and professionalism, radiates positivity whilst realistically managing expectations. She treated my husband with dignity at all times and was kind and thoughtful towards him. She has made a difficult time for us most bearable in so many ways.”

How to nominate staff for a CARE Award

If you would like to nominate a team or individual for a CARE Award, please find out more and complete the form.

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