Torchbearer visits Evelina Children's Hospital

Tuesday 31 July 2012

Torch bearer, Kevin Craig (left) and Evelina patient with mother

Children at the Evelina have been fortunate to see a London 2012 torch up close, and meet a real life hero.

Kevin Craig was a torchbearer last week and carried the flame up the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral. He was nominated to be a torchbearer by a woman he helped after a bus crash in 2007.

Patients at the Evelina were delighted to have the chance to hold the torch and pose for photos with Kevin. “I think the Evelina Children’s Hospital does truly amazing work,” said Kevin. “Both of my children were born at St Thomas’ so the Trust has special meaning to me.”

One lucky patient got to keep hold of the torch by her bed for a few days. “The torch seemed to be helping her a lot, so I let her borrow it,” said Kevin.

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