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Coronavirus: Assisted Conception Unit update

Cancellation of clinical activity due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

The Assisted Conception Unit (ACU) is significantly reducing its activity levels in response to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. This decision has been taken in line with national guidance, and supports the wider organisational efforts to respond to current challenges.

New referrals

No new referrals will be accepted in to the ACU. This includes all routine referrals from GPs, satellite units and self-referrals. This applies to all NHS funded patients and those who are either self-funded or private referrals. Any new referrals received will be added to a waiting list and will be appointed in line with treatment access policy guidelines when space becomes available.

Reproductive medicine clinics currently booked via E-Referrals (ERS) from primary care will be cancelled.

Current patients

As of Tuesday 17 March, no patient will start ovarian stimulation for IVF, PGD or fertility preservation, or start an FET cycle.

Ongoing IVF cycles on FSH hormone injections will be given a choice of freeze-all embryos, and ongoing FET cycles will be given a choice of FET cancellation, with a guidance document (to be issued) providing the recent evidence and potential risks to patients.

All follow-up and counselling appointments will be converted to telephone or online appointments (including andrology clinics).

New patients

Existing new patient appointments will be given the choice of cancellation or telephone or online appointments (including andrology clinics). No new patient appointments will be booked after Monday 30 March.

No new ovulation induction appointments will be booked, and existing OI cycles will be completed or given a choice of cycle cancellation.

Sample transfer

If you are a patient who needs to move samples (eggs, sperm, embryos or donor sperm) to Guy's ACU or export them to another clinic we will endeavour to progress this as soon as we can. However we are unable to confirm the import or export date at this stage. This is due to potential restrictions on courier activity and clinic ability to release or accept samples.



Please visit the main Trust coronavirus (COVID-19) page for more information.