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Neuro-oncology (brain cancer) referrals

Diagnosing and treating brain tumours


Patients must be referred by a health care professional or relevant member of staff.


  • St Thomas' oncology clinic
    Tel: 020 7188 9793

  • King's College Hospital neuro-oncology clinic  

    Donna Moore
    Neuro-oncology coordinator
    Tel: 020 3299 4151

    Jessie Edmead
    Assistant neuro-oncology coordinator
    Tel: 020 3299 1354


Referral guidance

How to refer

Refer to the neuro-oncology multidisciplinary team.

Patients with suspected cancer should be referred via the standard two week wait referral proforma from the Healthy London Partnership website.

All GP referrals must be submitted using the NHS e-Referral service (formerly Choose and Book).

Referrals sent to the mailbox or by post from GPs will not be processed.

All non-GP referrals, e.g. dentists, can be emailed to kch-tr.neuroon