Brain cancer


Making a referral

We accept referrals from GPs and other hospital consultants.

GP referrals

All NHS GP referrals must be submitted using the NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS). Referrals sent by email or post from NHS GPs will not be processed.

Non-GP referrals

Other hospital consultants should email the referral form to us.

We need a completed referral form for each patient you're referring.

Any investigations, such as CT or MRI scans, need to be image-linked (IEP) to the King's College Hospital radiology department.

We review routine referrals made before 5pm on Wednesday at our weekly team meeting on Friday.

2-week wait (2WW) referrals

Urgent referrals for suspected cancer from GPs should be made on e-RS using the 2-week wait pathway.

The King's College Hospital acute neurosurgery referrals page has advice on making a referral using the inter-hospital system.

Urgent referrals

GPs should send patients needing urgent assessment to their local emergency department (A&E).

Last updated: October 2023

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