Neuro-rehabilitation community service

Helping you to be as independent as possible

Community neuro-rehabilitation service

Our specialist community neuro-rehabilitation team aims to help you to be as independent as possible following a stroke, brain injury or other neurological condition such as multiple sclerosis.

Our team will usually come and see you in your home. For Lambeth residents who are able to attend their appointment, we are able to offer outpatient facilities at the Pulross Centre, but we can also see patients in any community setting, for example: leisure centre, gym, park, college or a café.

We will work with you to:

  • improve your movement, general mobility and fitness (physiotherapy)
  • manage everyday tasks, such as washing and dressing, cooking, coping with memory difficulties (occupational therapy)
  • improve your ability to communicate through speech or other means, and manage any eating or drinking difficulties (speech and language therapy).

National recognition

Our teams have been nationally recognised for their stroke early supported discharge services, working closely with local hospitals and social services to ensure smooth discharge from hospital and rehabilitation at home following a stroke.



Tel: 020 3049 8940

Email (Southwark neuro-rehabilitation): gst-tr.gsttcommunity