Orthotic community service

Providing artificial aids that support and correct unstable or painful joints

Our community orthotic service provides a range of orthoses (artificial aids that support/correct unstable and/or painful joints) including:

    • footwear
    • insoles
    • ankle foot orthoses
    • knee braces
    • spinal braces/supports
    • upper limb orthoses
    • compression garments
    • custom-made orthoses.

What are orthotics used for?

Orthotics are frequently used in people with:

    • arthritis
    • diabetes
    • stroke
    • cerebral palsy
    • spina bifida
    • polio
    • foot deformities
    • sporting injuries 
    • carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)
    • back pain/injuries
    • pregnancy.

Our service

We are primarily located at the Bowley Close Rehabilitation Centre. We work closely with the amputee rehabilitation service and the wheelchair specialist seating service, which are located on the same site.

Our service is linked with the diabetic foot clinic, the Frank Cooksey Rehabilitation Unit and neuro-rehabilitation team, all at King's College Hospital.

We also have close links with Sunshine House Child Development Centre, Mary Sheridan Centre for Child Health.



Tel: 020 3049 7776