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Our pain management programme

Helping people with ongoing pain reach their goals

Coronavirus: pain service update

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, please read our advice and information before sending any referrals.

We have several formats of our pain management programme.

We will discuss with you at your appointment which is most suitable for you.

More about the different formats

  • Residential

    Many people are specifically referred for our residential programme as there are few of such programmes in the country.

    Patients are in a group of 10-11 and work closely with a team of staff.

    There are sessions with physiotherapists, psychologists, occupational therapists and nurses.

    The role of the doctors is relatively small compared to other staff. The sessions all involve learning and practising new ways of responding to pain, so that participants can do more of the things that are important to them. 

    Example of a typical day 

    • 9am physiotherapy
    • 10am nurse
    • 10.30am break
    • 11am psychology
    • 12pm lunch (provided)
    • 1pm physiotherapy
    • 2pm break
    • 2.30pm occupational therapy
    • 3.30pm psychology
    • 4.30pm skills practise time
    • 5pm finish.

    Where will I stay?

    Patients stay in Gassiot House at St Thomas' Hospital for the week nights of the programme and go home for the weekends in between. 

    You'll have your own bedroom and share a bathroom and kitchen facilities with two or three other patients. The accommodation is single-sex.

    During your time on the residential programme, you will be provided with supplies for breakfast and a meal is served each lunchtime on the Unit.

    Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements at your initial appointment. We ask you make your own arrangements for the evening meal. There is a fridge and microwave available for your use in the flat.

    Follow-up afternoons

    Patients are invited to attend a follow-up afternoon at both one and nine months after completing the programme. At the follow-up, we focus on refreshing what patients learnt from the programme and their goals.

    Who can go on the residential programme?

    The INPUT programme does not cost you anything. It is paid for by your local health authority. There are minimum physical requirements for joining the programme. You need to be able to:

    • care for yourself, in terms of washing, dressing and personal care
    • travel to and from St Thomas' Hospital.
  • Outpatient

    This programme is suitable for some of our patients who live locally and do not require the intensive, residential programme.

    This involves attending for five afternoons, spread over three weeks.

    The sessions are run as a group, usually with one or two members of the multidisciplinary team.

    This programme is only suitable for some people who are referred to our service.

  • Other

    Our pain management programmes are not suitable for everyone, so alternatives may be suggested at your assessment appointment.