Pulross rehabilitation ward

We're a rehabilitation ward. We have 4 bays with 4 beds in, and 4 individual rooms. We have 6 beds for people with neurological illness or injury that affects their brain, spinal cord or nervous system.

We work with you and your family to help you leave hospital and being able to manage at home. 

We look after different areas of your recovery. Our team includes: 

  • a ward manager
  • nurses
  • health assistants
  • a consultant geriatrician
  • a GP
  • pharmacists
  • occupational therapists
  • physiotherapists
  • therapy assistants
  • an admission and discharge coordinator

Neurological patients may also see:

  • a clinical psychologist
  • speech and language therapists

We may refer you to other specialists, such as a dietitian or tissue viability nurse.

Last updated: December 2023

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