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Sexual health services referrals



In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we no longer offer a walk-in service.

We offer a telephone helpline seven days a week. Please call us on 020 7188 7707. We will offer patients who meet certain criteria either a face-to-face appointment in clinic, or a telephone call from a clinician.

The number of appointment slots varies daily depending on staffing.

For GPs and health professionals

Many GP practices provide an STI screening service. For treatment, please ask your patient to attend the walk-in service at any of our clinics with details of their results on their GP practice headed paper.

For HIV positive diagnoses in community settings and onward referral into hospital services please call 020 7188 7707.


  • Psychosexual therapy

    Our service is available to patients from Lambeth and Southwark only.

    We accept referrals from GPs for:

    • erectile dysfunction
    • premature or retarded ejaculation
    • reduced or increased libido
    • intractable genital pain
    • anorgasmia
    • vaginismus and pelvic pain with no identifiable cause.
  • Complex long-acting reversible contraceptive (LARC)

    We accept referrals from GPs for:

    • removal of deep and impalpable implants
    • complex contraception UKMEC 3 or 4
    • difficult/previously failed IUD/IUS insertion
    • TV USS for localisation of IUD/IUS
    • lost threads and IUD/IUS removals
    • pain/bleeding with IUD/IUS.

    We are unable to accept referrals for IUS insertion for endometrial protection and heavy menstrual bleeding only unless contraception is required.

  • Genital dermatology

    Please note we only accept referrals from Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham.

    We accept referrals from GPs for:

    • genital dermatoses including balanitis, vulvitis, lichen simplex, lichen planus, lichen sclerosis, eczema and psoriasis.
  • Female referral clinic

    We accept referrals from GPs for:

    • recurrent candida
    • recurrent BV
    • continued vaginal discharge without proven cause
    • complex candida infections (immunosuppression diabetes, pregnancy)
    • refractory/recurrent TV
    • vulval pain.
  • Complex infection clinic

    We accept referrals from GPs for:

    • STI in pregnancy
    • management of non-standard STIs (eg mycoplasma genitalium)
    • persistent urethritis, persistent proctitis
    • genital skin lesions requiring second opinion.

Referral contacts

Referrals are only accepted via email or post.

Business support team
Burrell Street Sexual Health Centre
4-5 Burrell Street
London SE1 0UN



Referral contacts

Sexual and reproductive health

Email: gst-tr.referralsrsh

Sexual and reproductive health
Business Support Team
Burrell Street
4-6 Railway Arches
Burrell Street
London SE1 0UN