Pre-operative assessment



We'll assess your general health and fitness by carrying out tests and investigations.

This pre-operative assessment is done at a nurse-led clinic. If you have more complex medical conditions you may be seen in a clinic led by an anaesthetic consultant.

Before your appointment

Please complete the online pre-operative assessment form which we'll send you. When you have completed the form, we'll contact you with an appointment date and time.

During your appointment

We'll ask you to complete a health questionnaire. This includes questions about:

  • your past and present health
  • previous operations
  • medicines you take

A nursing assistant, nurse or anaesthetist will check your general health and fitness. This could include:

  • checking your blood pressure, pulse, temperature, height and weight
  • a physical examination to listen to your heart and lungs, you may need to partially undress and lie down on the examination couch
  • an electrocardiogram (ECG) to record the rate, rhythm and electrical activity of your heart, this is a simple test that takes about 5 minutes and does not cause any discomfort
  • a swab to check for MRSA bacteria that can cause infections, you'll need any infections treated before you can have surgery

Please ask us if you would prefer to see female or male health professional.

After the first assessment, we may need to carry out further tests including:

After your appointment

Your surgical speciality will contact you to let you know the result of your assessment.

Last updated: 24 August 2022

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