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This page gives you a list of our wards, their location and main contact number. Use the links below for detailed information about each ward.

You can look up details of our wards either by hospital location or via our A-Z.

If you're looking for our children's wards, please visit the Evelina London Children's Hospital website.

Our wards

Wards by ward name


Early Pregnancy and Gynaecology Unit

This is a nurse-led, specialist unit for women who need emergency care for GP referral of an acute gynaecological problem or self referral of women having a problem in early pregnancy such as pain, bleeding or severe vomiting.

Elderly Care Unit

Our Older Persons Unit - formerly the elderly care unit - consists of three wards: Alexandra, Anne and Henry

Esther Ward

Esther Ward is an oncology ward looking after a mixture of medical and surgical cancer and haematology patients.
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