Kidney dialysis service


Starting dialysis at Guy's and St Thomas' is normally part of advanced kidney care within our own clinics.

In-centre haemodialysis

You usually have haemodialysis at the unit nearest to where you live. We prioritise local people for haemodialysis in our units.

Your nearest dialysis unit is determined by car travel times from your home address using Google Maps.

Sometimes you may have haemodialysis at a unit run by us when your home address is out of our usual referral area. For example, if you work near Guy's Hospital. We'll consider individual cases but cannot accept you for haemodialysis at our units based on personal choice alone.

Peritoneal dialysis

You usually have peritoneal dialysis at the unit nearest to where you live. Sometimes we offer peritoneal dialysis if you are being prepared for a transplant at our hospitals.

Home haemodialysis

You usually join the home haemodialysis programme after haemodialysis at one of our units. We cannot offer home haemodialysis to people outside our region.

Last updated: May 2023

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