Get involved in research

Research studies and clinical trials rely on volunteers. Some involve healthy members of the public, while others involve patients taking part in a trial during their care and treatment.

If you are a patient at Guy’s or St Thomas’, you may be invited to take part in a study or trial. It is entirely up to you whether or not you wish to get involved. If you decide not to participate, it will not affect your treatment in any way.

Hospitals that offer their patients the chance to get involved in research studies and clinical trials, are generally those that provide the latest and best available treatment.

Taking part

  • What are the benefits of taking part?

    There is evidence that for some conditions, patients involved with clinical trials have better long term outcomes and may also get earlier access to new drugs.

    Your health will be closely monitored throughout a clinical trial. Any changes in your health, whether or not they are related to the treatment you are having, are frequently picked up and acted upon earlier than if you were not in a trial. However, some people find that the extra attention makes them worry more about their condition.

    If you take part in a research study you:

    • will be helping others, and possibly yourself, by helping to identify more effective medical treatments
    • will have more contact with medical staff than you normally do
    • will have opportunities to learn more about your medical condition, which may help you to manage it better
    • may feel as though you are taking a more active role in your healthcare.

    Many of our patients who have taken part in research have found it a positive and rewarding process.

  • What's involved?

    Your involvement and the time required depends on what is being investigated. The research team should be able to provide you with details.

    Before you consider taking part in a trial, please see our frequently asked questions page. This has useful information and questions you may wish to ask the research team.

    The UK Clinical Trials Gateway will help you make informed choices about clinical trials. If offers useful guidance on how trials work and helps connect you to researchers running trials you might be interested in.

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Did you know?

We are home to the UK's largest twin directory.

We have the largest and most successful PGD service.

We have the UK's largest kidney transplant programme.

Our National Institute for Health Research Biomedical Research Centre leads the way in translational research.

Recruiting patients

We recruit more than 800 patients each month into studies through our biomedical research centre.

Your questions answered

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about research studies and trials.