Emergency department

Tuesday 14 November 2023

Urgent and emergency care and virtual wards health seminar

Emergency department

Join a free health seminar for foundation trust members. Seminars are based on the latest research, innovations and new treatments at the Trust and provide a great opportunity to learn how we provide high quality care to our patients.

Please join Dr Katherine Henderson, clinical director for emergency care, to learn about what urgent and emergency care services we offer to the community and why they are important, and how we try to tackle pressure.

Dr Shaheen Khan, clinical director for integrated local services, will provide an update on our delivery of urgent care to people in their own homes, with our ‘virtual ward’ services. The Trust is working closely with partners across Lambeth and Southwark to lead the expansion of these services to enable more people to be cared for at home when that is the right place for them.

Contact us to find out about future seminars.

We host a wide range of events throughout the year for our patients, the public, staff and members.

Last updated: October 2023

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