Telephone appointments

Outpatient appointments

We may ask you if you would like your next outpatient appointment to be on the telephone.

Phone appointments can save you time and money travelling to one of our hospitals. You may also feel more comfortable talking about your health in your own home.

We're not always able to offer you a telephone appointment. This might be because you need blood tests, scans or an examination.

How telephone appointments work

We'll send you a letter or email and a text message with details of your telephone appointment, including the time and date.

You can also see the details of your appointment using our patient app, MyChart.

Our clinician will call at this time and date on the phone number we have for you in our system.

Please note that the call might come from an unknown number.

We try our best to call you at your appointment time. Occasionally there might be a short delay if our clinician needs to spend a little longer with another person.

Please check we have your correct phone number

This will be the number that:

  • we use for text message appointment confirmations
  • is listed on your appointment letter, if we sent one

If you need to update your details on our system, please contact the department who your telephone appointment is with or use MyChart.

Booking your telephone appointment online

In some of our services, you can book the time and date of your telephone appointment online.

If this is the case for you, we'll provide you with a link to book your telephone appointment.

If you book your appointment online in this way, the phone call will be from 020 7188 9613. 

You're unable to return calls to this number. If you miss the call, our clinician will move onto the next person and then try to call you again at a later time.

If you were unable to answer or do not receive a call within 1 hour of your appointment time, please contact us using the number on your clinic letter.

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