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We support neighbourhood businesses, buying locally whenever we can. We've been working on a number of projects that help local businesses to bid to supply us with goods and services. 

Our procurement team is also working to improve the environmental credentials of the products and services we buy.

For example, we use recycled content syringes, work with suppliers to reduce excess packaging, and proactively manage our medical supplies to reduce the risk of having to dispose of unused stock.

Automated stock management

We manage over £8million of our stock through fully automated (Smart Store) systems across our theatres and wards.

The systems only re-order to meet demand and so reduce the risk of over ordering. Products are dispensed in single units so only the amount of required is removed.

The systems also provide real time data and so enable inventory to be proactively managed and avoid the risk of medicines becoming out of date.

Member of the South London Procurement Network

Guy’s and St Thomas’ is a member of the South London Procurement Network which aims to support local economic growth in south London.

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For more information about what we are doing to support neighbourhood businesses, contact David Lawson.