Our quality story

Cleanliness, food, privacy and our facilities

A national assessment process was introduced in 2013 to measure how we are doing against more than 150 standards.

These standards cover cleanliness, food and drink, privacy and dignity, and the condition and appearance of our hospitals – all things that we know are important to our patients.

Guy's and St Thomas' 2107 PLACE scores.What's the standard?

Like all hospitals, we are required to undertake a Patient-Led Assessment of the Care Environment – or PLACE – test each year. This includes over 150 standards looking at cleanliness, food, dignity and the environment.

The teams who carry out the test include patient representatives, our governors and staff.

How are we doing?

We scored well in all of the categories measured, but are keen to do even more to meet your expectations. Our results for 2017 are:

  National average Guy's and St Thomas'
Cleanliness 98.4% 99.8% 
Condition, appearance, maintenance 94% 94.4% 
Privacy, dignity and wellbeing 83.7% 90% 
Food and hydration 89.7% 93.1% 
Dementia 76.7% 78.2%
Disability 82.6% 82.2%

How you can help us

There are lots of ways you can comment on our services. See patient feedback on our website for details.

Find out more

For more information about NHS hospital food standards and to find out how other hospitals across the country are performing, visit NHS Choices.

For more information about PLACE, see the Health and Social Care information website.

Got a question?

If you have a question about or comment on this information, please contact the communications team at communicationsteam@gstt.nhs.uk.

Your meals

Your mealtimes

We want you to benefit as much as possible from the foods that you eat.

All of the meals you'll eat in our hospitals are made using fresh ingredients right here in our hospital kitchens.

Find out more about our hospital meals and mealtimes.  

Award for preparing high quality, nutritious meals for patients

Catering staff at the Trust earned the Soil Association’s Food for Life Catering Mark bronze award in September 2016, which recognises their work in preparing high quality, nutritious meals for patients. See Hospital food earns Soil Association award.

Page last updated: September 15 2017