Instructions after anaesthetic or sedation


It’s important to follow the safety advice below if you had:

  • a general anaesthetic
  • a regional anaesthetic
  • sedation

The information on this page does not apply if you only had a local anaesthetic.

For the first 24 hours after surgery

After an anaesthetic or sedation your reasoning, reflexes, judgement and coordination can be affected, even though you might feel fine.

You need to rest and have someone staying with you.

Do not go to work, or to your place of training or study, on the day after surgery.

For 48 hours after surgery:


  • call us if you have a problem or are worried about anything


  • do not drive any vehicle, including a bicycle
  • do not operate machinery
  • do not cook, use sharp utensils (kitchen tools) or pour hot liquids
  • do not drink alcohol
  • do not smoke
  • do not take sleeping tablets
  • do not make any important decisions or sign any contracts

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