Precautions after hip surgery

After hip surgery, you will be given an individual care plan to follow by your surgeon. If they have recommended that you follow hip precautions for a set period of time, it’s very important you follow this advice to reduce the risk of dislocation and heal as well as possible.

Making adjustments to your home

When you are sitting on a chair, toilet or bed, your knees should not be higher than your hips. This means your furniture at home needs to be high enough.

If possible, ask a relative or friend to measure the height of your furniture and toilet. This will help us to plan for when you go home. The occupational therapist will give you a furniture heights form to fill out.

The occupational therapist will give you equipment to raise the height of your toilet, bed and chair, if needed.

Movements to avoid

Avoid bending your hip more than 90 degrees

You will need to avoid bending forwards past your knees. Avoid picking up items from the floor and change how you put on your shoes and socks.

The occupational therapist can show you how to do these things using long-handled aids. You can also ask a family member or friend to help you.

Avoid crossing your legs or ankles

Avoid crossing your legs or ankles when you are lying, sitting or standing. When you’re asleep, try to lie on your back. If you prefer to lie on your side, put a pillow between your thighs.

Avoid twisting on your operated leg

Avoid turning around using your hips. When you need to turn round, move your whole body.

This means you should always try and keep your toes pointing the same way as your hip bone.

Your therapy team

Your physiotherapist and occupational therapist will go through the movements to avoid, and will teach you ways to manage your everyday movements. For example, getting in and out of bed, standing up from a chair and getting in and out of a car.

The occupational therapist will work with you to make sure you can manage your daily activities when you go home. For example, personal care and tasks around the home.

Leaflet number: 3648/VER4
Date published: June 2023
Review date: June 2026

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