Compassionate care award nomination for dementia DVD

Thursday 27 February 2014


The Trust’s innovative dementia training film Barbara’s Story has been shortlisted for the Kate Granger Awards for Compassionate Care.

Launched in 2012, the aim of Barbara’s Story is to raise awareness of dementia among all staff. The short film follows a fictional patient, who has symptoms of dementia, through hospital to see the challenges she faces.

Eileen Sills, Chief Nurse and Director of Patient Experience, says: "Barbara’s Story has now become part of the language and culture of the Trust. Staff speak about Barbara as though she were a real person, because her story has resonated with all of us and made us think and act differently."

More than 12,000 staff, clinical and non-clinical, watched the first film. Six further films for clinical staff have since been made, which follow Barbara’s diagnosis and clinical care.

The film was used as an example of best practice in the Government’s response on the Francis Report. It has also attracted national and international interest from other hospitals who are now using Barbara’s Story to train their staff.

Dr Kate Granger says: "In my mind ‘the little things’ aren’t little at all, they are indeed huge and of central importance in any practice of healthcare.

"When I say ‘little things’ I mean someone sitting down next to you rather than standing over you; someone holding your hand when you’re upset or distressed; someone taking that extra moment to really listen and allow you to express your fears; someone recognising you are in pain and being gentle when they examine you."

There were 80 nominations for the inaugural Kate Granger Awards. The winners will be announced at the Health Care and Innovation Expo on Tuesday 4 March.

Last updated: February 2014

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