Local kids get 'to work' at Guy's

Wednesday 23 July 2014


Schoolchildren from Woodmansterne Primary School in Streatham got an insight into the variety of NHS jobs when they spent a day at Guy’s Hospital working on a ‘business challenge’ with staff volunteers.

The students from years 2, 3 and 5 met clinical and non-clinical staff including a nurse, a clinical psychologist and an internal communications manager. The day was arranged by Enabling Enterprise, a social enterprise that works with businesses to introduce the world of work to children.

Lisa Hughes, the Trust’s workforce business support manager, who helped organise the day said: “If you ask an eight-year-old ‘what jobs do people do at a hospital?’ they’ll get pretty stuck after ‘doctor’ and ‘nurse’. This is a great way for students to get an awareness of different careers from a young age.”

The students were challenged to design the perfect work bag for the staff to help make their life easier. Students interviewed the volunteers about the bags they have, how they use them and what problems they have with them. 

They used their problem solving and imagination skills to develop an idea for the ideal bag. Most students had a focus on bags being washable, comfortable and hygienic with exciting special added features like a jet-pack to make sure that staff were never late.

One student said: “It was good fun. My group worked well together and I enjoyed thinking about ideas for the bag.”

Each group of students gave a presentation about their bag which staff volunteers helped them to prepare. Staff then judged the best presentation.

Danuta Orlowska, clinical psychologist said: “The children’s team work and co-operation was wonderful. I was impressed with their ability to stand up in front of their peers, teachers and Trust staff to deliver their presentations. I think all schools should have the chance to do this kind of thing.”

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